EuroPython Conference Organization

This is the wiki of the EuroPython Conference Workgroups.

Sign up for workgroups

If you are interested in helping with the EuroPython Conference organization, please sign up for one of the workgroups:

New EuroPython Workgroup Members

If you are new to the EuroPython Workgroups, well, thanks for coming -- we're glad to have you :-)

Please head on to the EuroPython Welcome Page for a quick introduction to how things work.

Main wiki start page

Please head over to the EuroPython page for the main wiki start page.

About this WikiStart page

The page was originally meant as public entry wiki page, but it turned out that the ProjectHut Trac wiki does not support wiki page permissions. We're still leaving it in as start page, since the feature may become available at some point.

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