wiki:Adding new EuroPython volunteers to our systems

Adding new EuroPython volunteers to our systems

When new volunteers approach us for signup to the workgroups (WGs), we have to process a few steps to get them on-boarded:

EuroPython Workgroups 2017 Sheet

The workgroups sheet is used to manage the assignment of volunteers to work groups.

When adding new members, please make sure this spreadsheet is updated accordingly:

  • Add the member to the "WG Assignments" sheet and mark the WG memberships. The membership codes for the "WG Assignment" sheet are indicated at the bottom of the sheet.
  • When adding members to MLs (WG+Plaza): enter add date on the "WG Mailing Lists" sheet
  • When adding members to the wiki: enter add date on the "Wiki Accounts" sheet
  • When giving members account access: update the information on the "Account Access" sheet

Initial signup steps

  • Inform the user about the signup process via email. See email template below.

Add to wiki

This process is described in more detail on the Adding new wiki user accounts page.

  • add user account (choose password)
  • add user account to workgroupmembers group
  • update europython Trac permissions using the "Assign Trac permissions using Group configuration" button
  • send login credentials to user; see email template below

Add to workgroup

  • add to WG ML (links to the ML are on the WG wiki page)
  • add to WG wiki page as non-voting member; conversion to voting member is possible in a subsequent EPS board meeting
  • ask to add themselves to WG Telegram group (via invite link on the TG group settings page); part of the plaza email below

Add to Plaza ML

Add to Loomio WG Group

If the WG uses Loomio for voting:

  • add to Loomio WG group (the link should be on the WG wiki page)
  • this can also be done by the WG chair

Add to Google Drive WG folder

If the WG uses Google Drive folders:

  • add user to WG Google Drive folder (the link should be on the WG wiki page)
  • this can also be done by the WG chair

Add to WG Trello board

If the WG uses Trello boards:

  • add user to WG Trello board (the link should be on the WG wiki page)
  • this can also be done by the WG chair

Add to public EuroPython Workgroups Page

Final signup steps

  • Inform the user about the signup. See email template below.
  • Inform the WG about the new member

Historic data

Worksheets used for previous years:


I've been using these templates for sending out initial emails to new WG members:

New members welcome email (before setup):

To: {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} <{{Email}}>
Subject: EuroPython Workgroup Signup

Dear {{FirstName}},

first of all: thank you very much for volunteering and joining 
us on this journey to prepare the next EuroPython conference.

We are about to start signing you up to several EuroPython systems
and accounts to prepare you for working with us on the conference.

You will receive account/invite emails for the wiki, the mailing 
list(s), our Google drive, etc.

Please bare with us, while we proceed with the sign-up. Once done,
we’ll send you a final email with more instructions and the link
to our welcome page.

Kind regards,
The Board Members of the EuroPython Society

Wiki account details:

To: {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} <{{Email}}>
Subject: EuroPython Workgroup Wiki Account

Dear {{FirstName}},

we have created a wiki account on the EuroPython workgroup (WG)
wiki for you with the following details:

User:     {{WikiAccount}}
Password: {{Password}}

This is the main URL of the wiki:

To see the contents, please click on the "Login" link
in the upper right.

The page has links going to the WG pages which collect
information related to those WGs. Please also have a look
at the wiki conventions listed on the page so that the
wiki stays in a consistent state.

One you are logged in, please update your preferences
and enter your name and email address:

The email address is used by Trac for notification emails
for tracker items.

Changes to the wiki account can only be done by the wiki 
admins, since the hoster doesn't allow a more flexible
setup. Please write to Vicky or myself, in case something
doesn't work or you'd like changes:

Many thanks,
Marc-Andre Lemburg
EuroPython Society

Plaza list and Telegram email:

To: {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} <{{Email}}>
Subject: EuroPython Workgroup Plaza and Telegram Groups

Dear {{FirstName}},

all workgroup members are added to our "Plaza" mailing list
and also invited to join the europython-plaza Telegram
group using this invite link:

We use the plaza list and group to easily communicate to
everyone in the team, e.g. to post announcements, ask
questions to everyone and also to discuss things which are
important for the whole organization.

You should have already been subscribed to the plaza mailing
list, so all you have to do is join the Telegram group
via the above link.

We are using Telegram for quick infos or chats as a way to
get a more instant feedback from our members.

The workgroups all have Telegram groups as well. Please
check their wiki pages for the invite link or ask on the
WG mailing list:

Many thanks,
Marc-Andre Lemburg
EuroPython Society

New members welcome email (after setup):

Dear {{FirstName}},

all accounts are now set up for you, so you should be able to
log in to the wiki and access all the information we have
available for running the EuroPython organization.

As first step, we’d like to ask you to read through our welcome
page (you will need to log into the wiki to access this page -
simply click on the "login" link above the header bar):

This page details how we work, the tools we use, and invites
you to be an active member of the WGs you have been signed up

If you have additional questions, please contact the chair of
your WG or reply to this email.

Thank you very much again!

PS: Some things such as Google Drive permissions may still be
missing. The WG chairs should be able to give you permission
to access the WG folders and their contents. Same for Loomio
groups and Trello boards. If you have trouble getting access,
please write to the

Kind regards,
The Board Members of the EuroPython Society

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