wiki:Adding new wiki user accounts

Adding new wiki user accounts

Here's the procedure for our ProjectHut Trac instance.

  1. Log in to the ProjectHut control panel at
  2. Go to the user administration:
  3. Create the user account and give it a strong password (the password cannot be changed by the user)
  4. Log in to the EuroPython wiki and go to the permissions admin page:
  5. In the "Add Subject to Group" box, enter the user name for Subject and "workgroups" as Group. That'll add the user to the workgroups group which has editing rights to the wiki and tickets.

Here's an optimized version to use when adding lots of members in one go:

  1. Log in to the ProjectHut control panel at
  2. Go to the user administration:
  3. Create the user accounts and give them a strong password (16 random characters; note: the password cannot be changed by the user)
  4. Go to the group administration:
  5. Click on "WorkgroupMembers" / edit:
  6. Select the new members on the right and click on the left arrow button to add them to the group
  7. Click "Update" to have the change made permanent
  8. Go to the Trac permissions in the control panel:
  9. Click on "Assign Trac permissions using Group configuration":
  10. After a while the page will come back with a long list of updated account names.

These are more steps than using the manual approach above, but the permission updates work nicely for any number of new members.


  • Use WikiStyleUserNames as user name, e.g. FabioPliger
  • Avoid using accented characters and instead replace these with unaccented ones.
  • If possible, send the UID and PWD using GPG encrypted email.

EMail Template

New wiki users will need to be informed by email. Here's the ThunderBird? MailMerge? template I use for this:

Subject: EuroPython Workgroup Wiki
To: {{FirstName}} {{LastName}} <{{Email}}>

Dear {{FirstName}},

we have created a wiki account on the EuroPython workgroup (WG)
wiki for you with the following details:

User:     {{WikiAccount}}
Password: {{Password}}

This is the URL of the wiki:

The page has links going to the WG pages which collect
information related to those WGs. Please also have a look
at the wiki conventions listed on the page so that the
wiki stays in a consistent state.

Changes to the wiki can only be done by the wiki admins
unfortunately, since hoster doesn't allow a more flexible
setup. Please write to Vicky or myself, in case something
doesn't work or you'd like changes.

One you are logged in, please update your preferences
and enter your name and email address:

The email address is used by Trac for notification emails
for tracker items.

One of the next steps will be to create a central mailing list
for all WG members to communicate on, the EuroPython Plaza

Many thanks,
Marc-Andre Lemburg
EuroPython Society
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