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EuroPython Administration Workgroup (Administration WG)

WG Scope

Manage and organize the administrations side of the conference, in particular: contracts, venue contact, ticket support, satellite conferences, legal support, insurance, licensing.

Please also see the Administration WG section in the Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines document for additional details.


Workgroup Administration

Processes and Guidelines


Voting members:

  • Marc-Andre Lemburg (Chair)
  • Vicky Lee
  • Stéphane Wirtel

Non-voting members:

  • Matteo Benci

Inactive members:

  • Rezuk Turgut
  • Stavros Anastasiadis
  • Borja Ayerdi Vilches
  • Oier Beneitez


  • Established on 2015-01-07 by the EPS board.
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