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Finding an accountant for the EPS

Since Jacob can no longer help us with the accounting and tax filing in Gothenburg, we will need to quickly find an accountant to manage this part of the EPS.

We will need to cover these aspects with the accountant:

  • file tax reports
  • local representative for bank affairs
  • try to get a VAT ID for the EPS


  • #9 - Find a Swedish accountant for the EPS


Christian Fors

  • recommended by Andrew Dalke
  • contacted on 2015-08-04 via email
  • unfortunately currently does not take on new customers (Aug 2016)

Sandra Böhmfeld

EMail Contact Template

Dear Christian Fors,

the EuroPython Society (EPS), a non-profit registered in Gothenburg,
Sweden, is currently looking for an accountant to help us
with accounting, tax filing, invoicing and VAT ID registration.

The society runs the EuroPython conference series, a large
conference focusing on the Python programming language in Europe:

At the moment, the society does not have many invoices to
issue or pay, but we would like to change this and instead of
having local organizations do all the invoicing, move this part
to the EPS in the coming years.

In order to do this, we will need a VAT-ID to cope with the
VAT complexities around Europe. We already tried to such an
ID earlier this year, but our request was declined. The explanation
given was that we'd not have (enough) revenue taxable in Sweden.
We'd like to run a second attempt at getting the VAT ID, since
it's a prerequisite to get the above idea of moving more of
the conference cash flows to the EPS implemented.

Would you be able to help us with this ?

Another problem we are facing is that we no longer have
a board member in Gothenburg. Jacob Hallén used to be
our local representative, but he no longer is on the board.
This creates a problem with e.g. filing tax reports, connecting
with our bank, etc.

Could you take on this role of representative or would we
need to find a trustee for this ?

Many thanks,
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