wiki:EuroPython Plaza

EuroPython Plaza

We have chosen the name "Plaza" for our virtual plaza where all EuroPython workgroup members can discuss things which are relevant for everyone.

EuroPython Plaza Mailing List

Technically, we are using a mailing list for the plaza, to which all WG members are subscribed.

We will also post announcements for WG members to this list.

EuroPython Plaza Telegram Group

For quick updates, we are using a Telegram group:

EuroPython Plaza Conference Calls

We will also have EuroPython Plaza meetings regularly to update everyone on where we are. At least the WG chairs or other representatives of the WGs should participate in these conference calls, but everyone is welcome to join.

  • TBD: The details are not yet worked out. Since we'll have a lot of people on the call, we'll have to mute most of them, so that only one person speaks at a time.
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