Welcome to our new EuroPython Workgroup Members !

Welcome to the EuroPython conference organization team!

On this page, we would like to introduce you to the workgroups concept that we use and explain to you a bit further how we collaborate in the organization of the conference.

Getting started in EuroPython Workgroups

If you are still a bit lost on what tasks each workgroup (WG) is supposed to fulfill, please have a look at these helpful wiki pages:

  • Workgroup Guidelines - explaining various details of what each work group has to keep in mind when implementing their tasks

As a workgroup member, we would like you to have initiative and be proactive.

Your first contact person on what tasks have to be done is the chair of your WG. You can contact them for:

  • any questions regarding tasks you think should be done,
  • how the tasks are organized and delegated within the WG,
  • voting on decisions that are being discussed,
  • how to use/update the WG task control spreadsheets,
  • etc...

We are an open community, so feel free to speak up to propose new ideas or improvements.

Where we keep our knowledge

The knowledge base of the EuroPython Society (EPS) and, current conference and previous conference editions is our EuroPython Wiki. We try to keep this as up-to-date as possible. Each WG has its own page on the wiki.

If you feel that there is anything missing, please let us know.

Where we store our documents

Most WGs have to share files and/or spreadsheets to control or interact to collaborate on some tasks. For file sharing and storage each WG has a shared folder on Google Drive.

Please place all WG documents into these folders and avoid storing them in your personal Google Drive or other file sharing account.

How we communicate

For important decisions or contact with people outside the organization team we use emails. We also have email addresses for each WG (listed on the WG wiki pages), which are used for the more important details and discussions. Quick chats are often done on the Telegram WG groups. Contacts between WGs are usually done via email.

All important decisions are made democratically. If you are a voting WG member, you can participate in the votings and/or discuss further any of the decisions being made. If you want to participate in the decisions to be made, and we invite you to do so, please ask your WG chair.

For daily discussions we are using Telegram, where we have one group for each WG. Important discussions should be emailed to the WG email address, so everybody in the WG is aware of that decision.

How others communicate with us

For conference attendees, sponsors and speakers we have the EuroPython Helpdesk. This is where people can contact us with questions, problems or issues they may have related to EuroPython. Although answering these questions is a task for the Support WG, they often relate to different WGs and can only be answered by these. If you’d like to help there as well, please ask for access to the helpdesk in the Admin WG.

A knowledge base open to the attendees (EuroPython 2016 FAQ) and sponsors (EuroPython 2016 Sponsor Information) is (or will be) available on the current edition website. You might find questions and answers there related with your WG, please have a good read and, let us know if you feel there is something missing or to be corrected.

If you need help with the EuroPython systems

If you have any problem accessing any of the services we mentioned before (mailing list, Telegram, wiki, Google Drive folder, etc…) please ask the Admin WG.

Last not least: Thank you!

In the organization team we are all from different places in Europe or even the world. Of course there will be cultural clashes since we are all working together to make EuroPython happen. If you feel bad about any reply that you’ve got, please be open to talk about it. We don’t want anyone feeling bad while working with us.

Thank you very much for your time and we are looking forward to working with you.

With kind regards,
The Board Members of the EuroPython Society.

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