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EuroPython Conference

This is the wiki of the EuroPython Conference Workgroups (WGs).

We are using this wiki to organize the workgroups and maintain institutional knowledge across EuroPython conference years.

New EuroPython Workgroup Members

If you are new to the EuroPython Workgroups, well, thanks for coming -- we're glad to have you :-)

Please head on to the EuroPython Welcome Page for a quick introduction to how things work.

EuroPython 2017

Important details:

Please see the EuroPython 2017 page for more details about this edition.

EuroPython 2018

Important details:

Please see the EuroPython 2018 page for more details about this edition.

Important website interfaces

For the EuroPython 2016 edition (needs to be updated once we have the 2017 version online):


Note: These dates currently only give rough indications of how things could work out (based on the 2016 dates).

These are the dates for the milestones (the bold ones are fixed, the other ones are still flexible):

  • 2016-10-29: Launch landing website for 2017 (planned: 2016-11-01)
  • 2016-11-30: Finalize EuroPython 2016 conference finances (TBD)
  • 2016-12-01: Finalize ep2017 website code refactoring
  • 2017-03-20: Launch main website (planned: 2017-01-14)
  • 2017-03-27: Send out CfP for everything: talks, posters, trainings (planned: 2017-01-18)
  • 2017-04-03: Start early bird ticket sales (until sold out, then switch to regular prices)
  • 2017-04-10: Start standard ticket sales
  • 2017-04-16: Last CfP submission day; with optional extension by one week
  • 2017-04-24: Start talk voting
  • 2017-04-30: End talk voting
  • 2017-05-02: Announce session list
  • 2017-05-08: Announce schedule
  • 2017-05-17: Deadline for conference brochure content (ads, talk descriptions, etc.)
  • 2017-06-08: Last day for ticket refund requests
  • 2017-06-09: End of regular price ticket sales, switch to on-site ticket rates
  • 2017-07-09: Beginner's day + Django Girls
  • 2017-07-09: Main conference setup
  • 2017-07-10: Start of main conference
  • 2017-07-14: Close of main conference and take down of booths (afternoon)
  • 2017-07-15: Sprints day 1
  • 2017-07-16: Sprints day 2
  • 2017-07-23: Last day for speaker discount refund requests

EuroPython Workgroups

  • Administration WG (contracts, venue contact, ticket support, satellite conferences, legal support, insurance, licensing)
  • Finance WG (budget, controlling, accounting, billing, invoicing, taxes, payment system administration, Treasurer needs be part of this WG)
  • Sponsors WG (sponsor contacts, sponsor logistics, room/booth assignment, recruiting session, jobs fair, exhibit hall, startup row)
  • Communications WG (press, community relations, diversity/outreach, announcements, social media, attendee tools (guidebook), volunteer coordination, mailing lists, loomio groups, wiki)
  • Support WG (online helpdesk, conference helpdesk, attendee support contact, visa help, travel management, chat support for attendees, on-site volunteer organization)
  • Financial Aid WG (setup, grant selection, aid organisation)
  • Marketing Design WG (brochures, advertisements, banners, flyers, travel guide, t-shirts, lanyards, badges, panels, logo)
  • Program WG (talk selection/voting, scheduling, session chairs, sprint/openspace/keynote/lightning talks/poster session organization, Young Coders session, Python for Teachers)
  • Web WG (web site support, ticket system, administration, backups, payment system integration, hosting, chat support for attendees)
  • Media WG (video recording, live streaming, live translations, uploads to YouTube and
  • On-site Team WG (on-site support, local contact, help with venue selection, help with catering selection, partner program, social events, buddy program, internet access, venue contact, catering contact, on-site logistics)
  • Code of Conduct WG (CoC document, CoC contact, CoC workflow, handling of CoC requests)

Please see the Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines for details on how the workgroups work and are coordinated.

Some important details to keep things organized:

EuroPython Plaza

We have chosen the name "Plaza" for our virtual plaza where all EuroPython workgroup members can discuss things which are relevant for everyone.

Please see the EuroPython Plaza page for details.

Workgroup Tools and Communications

  • Mailing lists: All workgroups have a mailing list setup for communication and an email alias to the mailing list. Please see the WG pages for details.
  • Instant Messaging: For quick questions and coordination, all workgroups have a Telegram group. There's also one for all all WG members: EuroPython Plaza Telegram Group (this is an invite link to the group)
  • Voting: We have setup a private Loomio group called EuroPython Workgroups.
    In order to get invited to this group and the subgroups relevant to you, please contact the Communications WG.
  • Organizing work: We have set up a EuroPython Trello organization with boards for each WG.
    In order to get invited to the organization and boards relevant to you, please contact the Communications WG.
  • Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines: These document how we work in the various workgroups and what processes / criteria to follow.

EuroPython Society Board


Public Conference Resources

Public Conference Organization Resources

EuroPython Society Resources

EPS social networks and feeds:

Wiki Conventions

To keep the wiki readable and usable, please follow some conventions when naming pages:

  • Please use ["Page names in quotes"] when possible, not the usual WikiPageName naming conventions. This results in more readable pages and enables automatic linking when using the page name on other pages. In the wysiwyg editor, you can achieve the same by entering "Page names in quotes" in the link URL dialog box.
  • Escape automatic wiki page links using !WikiPageName or remove the links using the wysiwyg editor.
  • Create sub pages for workgroups using slashes in the name, e.g. "Web WG/Website Hosting Setup".

For more information about Trac wikis, please refer to the Default Trac Start Page.

Wiki Administration

If you have requests for changes to the wiki, your accounts, etc., please email one of the wiki admins or the Admin WG:

  • Wiki Admins <wiki-admins@…> (generic address)
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee <whykay@…>
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg <mal@…>

Administration pages:

Previous EuroPython Editions

EuroPython 2016

Important details:

Please see the EuroPython 2016 page for more details about this edition.

EuroPython 2015

Important details:

Please see the EuroPython 2015 page for more details about this edition.