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EuroPython Finance Workgroup (Finance WG)

WG Scope

Manage and organize the finances and budget of the conference, in particular: budget, controlling, accounting, billing, invoicing, taxes, payment system administration.

Please also see the Finance WG section in the Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines document for additional details.


EuroPython 2017

EuroPython 2016

EuroPython 2015



  • EPS Paypal Account - used for small transfers and payment of e.g. Gandi, ProjectHut; setup to use the SEB accounts
  • link for the EPS - can be used to accept small payments, for larger payments from non-SEPA areas, SWIFT/SEPA transfer should be used
  • EPS Bank Accounts - used for larger payments, SEPA transfers and PayPal top-ups
  • EPS Stripe Account - This is a credit-card payment service (similar to Paypal), which we will likely use for ticketing; setup to use the SEB accounts and activated
  • Eutaxia Account - this was used for EPS accounting in 2013 and 2014; may be reactivated or closed at some point


  • Dec 2016: Signing of venue contract between Python Italia and RCC for 2017
  • Nov 2016: Signing of venue offer between Python Italia and RCC for 2017
  • 2016-11-11: Anders opened a new bank account for the EPS in Sweden at the SEB; He also managed to get us a VAT-ID in Sweden: SE802417770401
  • Late in 2015: Signing of venue contract between ACPySS and ECC for 2016
  • Jan 2015: Signing of venue contract between ACPySS and ECC for 2015
  • 2015-02-28: ECC venue contract payment due; about EUR 5k


Getting EU VAT right is a rather complicated task. These are some links relevant for VAT and the location of the conference (for 2015: Spain):

VAT from the Swedish perspective:

VAT in Italy:

VAT in Spain:

Ernst & Young

Since VAT taxation is a complex subject which can potentially cost us a lot of money, we have turned to EY as tax adviser for help.

VAT Information for EPS:

  • The EPS is registered in Sweden as non-profit and may not invoice VAT or get VAT refunds.
  • The EPS has applied for VAT for conference services. This means that the EPS will be able to invoice VAT and get VAT refunded for conference related services and goods. It also means that we will have to pay Swedish income tax (22%) on our annual profit from the conference organization and monthly advance payments for income tax.
  • EPS VAT ID (called Momsregistreringsnummer or just Momsnummer in Sweden):
  • EU VIES Check (this is an EU database, which lists all registered VAT IDs:
  • EPS Allobolag listing, showing that we're registered for VAT:
  • EPS Organization number in Sweden: 802417-7704
  • Registered address:
    EuroPython Society
    c/o Open End AB
    Norra Ågatan 10
    41664  Göteborg

VAT Information for Python Italia:

  • VAT-ID: IT05753460483
  • EU VIES Check
  • VAT in Italy is (for 2017)
    • 22% on regular goods&services,
    • 10% on food, etc.
  • Registered address:
    PYTHON ITALIA Associazione di Promozione Sociale
    Via Mugellese, 1/A
    50013 - Campi Bisenzio (FI)
    Partita IVA: 05753460483
    Codice Fiscale: 94144670489
  • Bank account:
    Bank name:                 	IW BANK S.p.A.
    Bank account owner:             Python Italia APS
    Bank account number (IBAN):     IT11M0316501600000011516774
    Bank routing code (BIC):        IWBKITMM

VAT Information for ACPySS:

  • VAT-ID: ESG75119511
  • ACPySS will apply different VAT's:
    • 10% VAT for all tickets.
    • We will ask for a deposit of 60% of the package price beforehand. We do that because we can’t invoice now for a service we will be offering in July.
    • Decompose the sponsorship invoice in different parts with different VATs:
      • For EU and non-EU companies: 0% VAT on advertisement and 0% VAT on conference workers passes.
      • For Spanish companies: 21% VAT on everything, except for catering.
      • For any company: any event related with food 0% VAT, and events that are not for advertisement 21% VAT.
  • ACPySS bank account info:
    - Bank Name: LaboralKutxa
    - IBAN: ES95 3035 0235 28 2350038052
  • Registered address:
    Asociación de Ciencias de la Programación Python San Sebastián
    P. Manuel Lardizabal 1 Of. 307
    20018 - Donostia, Gipuzkoa

EU Grant Idea

Rezuk Turgut will investigate getting EU funding for EuroPython conferences. Getting the funding for 2015 will likely not work, but perhaps for 2016.


Note: The EPS treasurer needs to be member of this WG.

Voting members:

  • Borja Ayerdi Vilches (chair, EPS co-treasurer)
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Anthon van der Neut (EPS treasurer)
  • Matteo Benci
  • Christian Barra
  • Anders Hammarquist

Non-voting members:

  • None

Inactive members:

  • Rezuk Turgut
  • Vicky Lee (non-active)
  • Jacob Hallén
  • Fabio Pliger
  • Stéphane Wirtel


  • Established on 2014-12-22 by the EPS board.
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