wiki:Improvements for organizing EuroPython 2016

Improvements for organizing EuroPython 2016

This page is intended to lists all our notes for improvements of the EuroPython organization.

The idea is:

We have now completed the second phase.


File upload

I am not sure if this belongs in a workgroup, just some ideas /
questions with relatively low priority (although July 2016 might come
more soon than you think).

First of all, converting the JSON file worked really well (IMO). I did
transform it to a YAML file (somewhat better readable -> easier to spot
strange things), dropping non-recorded talk information.

Once I started looking at uploading to youtube I realised from what I
did last year that I did not have to do markup conversion: e.g. has dashed items

The use of the metadata was relatively painless except for the multiple
abstract items (partly repeating each other).

If possible I would like to look a the talk submission page in the way
the submitter sees it. (A screen shot with all the form fields would
probably do) From that I might be able to suggest changes for next year
that help me doing less work processing afterwards, and possible also
help to get more consistent talk description formatting.

I would also like to ask to make it possible to download the JSON file
via some URL next year

Some initial thoughts (don't have to react to them now)

- add the opening, closing and lightning talk as talk sessions. I had to
add these by hand and give them some bogus numbers.
- have clear instructions on how to format paragraphs in the abstract.
Some authors gave a newline for every line at screen width, and two for
a new paragraph. Others never pressed return (-> very long lines) and
gave a single newline for a new paragraph. At least one talk did not get
properly formatted because of that in the booklet (IMO), so we should
make sure that they can insert newlines into paragraphs and that they
need double newlines to get a new paragraph.
- have some separate field for a link to slides that are later added
automatically to the text. This primarily applies to slides, but some
other might be useful to have as well. (This seems to be there already
at least MAL used it)
- we should try out what is the best way to handle hyperlinks and
recommend (currently often something like "my research [1]" followed at
the bottom with a list of "[1] http://some/url" entries. For the booklet
we cannot have hyperlinks inline, but if I have not standardised way how
this is done, I cannot easily change the "[1]" in the text to be a
hyperlink, and consequently I have not done so in 2015.
- multiple speakers: it has to be clear how multiple speakers should be
presented (comma separated, is most common, but one talk had that info
as "Second speaker: xyz klm" in the abstract.
- titles are restricted in length on YouTube to 100 characters. I also
put the name of speaker before the title on YouTube (shortening to
lastname(s) first, then drop the name completely to make things fit.
Talks names should therefore be restricted in length, I rather have a
standard subtitle field the fill out, so I, and they, know what is not
going to be the title on YouTube.
- One talk has "**Update**" in it. It should be clear that that is
stupid as it will come verbatim in the booklet and the youtube videos.
- Have a field for the language of the talk, if not in English, to
  be indicated by the author. I could find them via the non-local track
  but had to listen/look at the titles to make sure which were Spanish
and which were Basque.
- There have to be some guidelines on how the 2 (the third was always
empty) abstract parts are used. If available, the second part was used
inconsistently (sometimes continuing the first part, sometimes repeating
with stuff interjected at multiple places, etc.) I ended up combining
the 10 or so that had 2 abstract parts by hand.
- Adding some way to specify another language than Italian or English 
  would be nice.

I will go over the talk descriptions at some point to see if there are
more things people do that should be discouraged.

Eventually I would like to go to a point where we can start uploading
individual talks to YouTube and during the conference.

T Shirts

- Two table setup for handing out T shirts. Two people behind one table
doesn't really work as they get in each others way. 
- A list of how many we have for special sizes is necessary, now I got requests for female XXXL 
  that I had not seen at all, and they were hidden in the small size box (or something). Based
  on the list the special sizes (female > L, Male > XL, can be sorted in separate stack.
- would be good to know how much extra there are per size, so you know you cannot give away one
  of the two XXXXLs if someone asks who ordered XXL.

Lightning Talks

- Use the website to submit LTs
- That way we have the data to include in the upload info, and the data is readable! (a
photo of the hand-written white board talk list often is not).


- Since we have the bandwidth from the premises to do Live Streaming, we should consider using the bandwidth at night
to do uploads of the videos, either to our server, or directly to
- Consider some remote way, by the talk introducer, to mark the start and end of the talk (a high tone
  recorded?) To make it easier to do correct cuts. The introducer knows when the talk starts.
- Consistent and clear instructions on that either the people are introduced by name by the talk introducer, or they 
  introduce themselves. Not both: "Give a round of applaus to XYZ who talks about ABC", [Applause] "Well, eh thanks so yes my name is XYZ ..."
  Speakers should know that and how they are introduced and be told **not to start** with their name and talk title.
- Instruction to the introducer to leave a 1-2 second gap between the end of the talk and announcements: "
  Thank you XYZ for your talk, we will have short break" is just really difficult to cut at the right point.
- Do the determination of the in- and out- point at the show directly after the recording. This requires clarity about the flow of control
  of the media data (and something better than my laptop to do the processing).

Reception Desk/Help Desk
After the first day the reception desk should be downstairs combined with the help desk.
(Assuming we are in Euskalduna)
+ people manning the desk are more involved in the conference's going on
+ up and down escalator working
- might be difficult to stop people from using the other escalator (now used).
- might have to "fence off" coming down the stairs and turning left/right immediately
- clothing/luggage storage?
- cash (Guggenheim tickets, etc.) should be emptied on a more regular basis.


- Powerdrill/electric screwdriver with imbus bits
- pliers
- adjustable wrench


EuroPython Organization Notes

 * don't give money to volunteers, only do reimbursements
 * room naming: add venue name for branded rooms
 * napkins: maybe use a different color to make them more visible
 * announce the schedule much earlier to increase ticket sales
 * Enlarge the first name on the badge
 * Document badge layout (but don't publish the exact layout to avoid
   forgeries): this is useful to know what to put in the tag line
 * add clock close to large schedule panel
 * add clock to venue displays (if possible)
 * set up policy for recruiting LTs, flyers, etc. of non-sponsor
 * create more attendee flow for row of sponsor booths (JetBrains
   mentioned they were getting less attention this year compared to
   last year)
 * add PyData and/or OpenStack Summit as satellite event to next year's
   edition (follow up with Paul/HP for OpenStack); perhaps have these as
   2-3 day single-track in one room during the event (so that attendees
   can attend both)
 * don't pack lunch packs for the attendees; provide them to them, so
   that they can pack what they like (and food doesn't get thrown away)
 * work out a smarter sponsor booth layout
 * add auto-assignment to website (assign first ticket to buyer
 * integrate Guidebook MySchedule data to website in order to
   help with room allocation
 * extract talk keywords from description and title (rather than using
   self defined keywords)
 * add flags to attendee signups (gamification):
   - EPS member
   - PSF member
   - EuroPython Workgroup member
   - EuroPython on-site volunteer
   These could be printed on the badge
 * mention on-site volunteers in the closing session
 * add Twitter list of all speakers
 * document social media aggregation setup (Spyce); with monitor
   requirements, Raspi setup, etc.
 * try to run social media sentiment analysis on Twitter account;
   use the results in sponsor brochure
 * add Twitter analysis tools to EP Twitter accounts
 * document most common questions on on-site helpdesk
 * document needed number of on-site volunteers for set up and
   tear down
 * document number of power lines / extensions needed for the
   conference (esp. for training and attendee tabels)
 * document storage space needed for parcels from sponsors and
 * add parcel tracking via helpdesk and perhaps even a barcode
   printer and scanner on site
 * document needs for:
   - duck tape (or special tape for fixing cables)
   - screw drivers, incl. inbus ones
   - pens, markers, regular tape
   - poster paper / flip charts
   - tripods (for announcements, LTs, Open Space, etc.)
   - paper cards for Open Space
   - pin boards: these only work well for job boards
 * when getting computer hardware:
   - make sure that the keyboard layouts match expectations
 * check power requirements and availability of power outlets in rooms;
   may need to coordinate with venue people to fix up missing outlets
 * make sure the Wifi is correctly configured:
   - no AP frequency overlaps
   - enough IP addresses (DHCP)
   - good coverage in talk rooms and elsewhere
   - active monitoring of the availability
 * prepare the opening and closing sessions upfront; train volunteers
   presentation and make the whole appearence more professional;
   closing session should *close* the conference (no added LTs after
   the closing)
 * add more attendee information:
   - cheap parking
   - (more accurate) bus information airport-city
   - taxi prices airport-city
   - shops with SIM cards
 * add better volunter management system
 * announce session rating using the Guidebook app
 * make sure to tell speakers to get the speaker refund
   at the conference desk *during* the conference rather
   than after the conference via the helpdesk; also
   suggest to them to donate the refund towards finaid
   for next year
 * add an official way to rate sessions and give feedback
   to speakers (Guidebook or website)
 * show Acorn lightning talk during opening session:
 * write a script to associate YouTube videos with talks
 * add talk placeholders for plenary sessions such as opening,
   lightning talks and closing, so that they can be associated
   with videos as well
 * write a helpdesk email summary script
   [added to the issue tracker as]
 * add a new session type "Panel Discussion" to the system

EuroPython Ideas
 * add Q&A panels with e.g. a few core developers
 * add educational track (with keynote starting it and then talks
   following up on this)
 * run educational workshop, but remember to add a registration
   for this so that enough Raspis and other hardware can be
   made available
 * reserve blocks of slots for talks of important projects and to get in
   talks from off-spun projects like e.g. Plone
 * build a EuroPython story to fit in announcements, CFPs, etc. (story
   - run tweets for accepted talks (before announcing the schedule to
     warm up the attendees over a period of a few weeks)
   - announce early-bird really early, or together with CFP in January
   - CFP in January/February
   - schedule in March
   - on-site volunteer calls starting in April
 * publish schedule information as JSON download and encourage
   attendees to build other tools for it
 * add API to website system to allow having attendees build tools
   for it
 * provide speaker data as JSON download (e.g. to build Twitter
 * try get more government funding:
   - city tourism
   - city technology development department
   - EU educationa funding


Collection of thoughts / requirements that could make the life of any future program WG better.

Submissions / form
* internal comment field in talks
* more statuses: waitinglist, canceled, not-accepted
* language needs to work on per conference basis
* duration and types should be not be mixed up, i.e. 30/45/60/180 (conference settings for whats allowed) 
* conference settings: number of slots for duration / types
* additional short description with 500 letter limit in CFP (for use in booklets/etc)

* It'd be great to have an API so WG can build specialiszed tools, we should put anything in the website. Example: for checking how many submission, what type, what level, from what country, gender, diversity, etc. Specialized tools should be open source as well.

Submissions / CFP
* consider submission count by company as well when chosing papers
* Earlier CFP, 
* earlier decisions, important especially for people with visa & fin aid (later means often increase in flight prices e.g.)

Trainings / duration
* offer 3,5-4h trainings
* shorter trains are fine as well, depends on the topic.

* show room on talk details page

Voting / Program WG:
* allow all attendees (not users!) to vote that attended EP2015+
* limit tags on submissions or even remove them, we could also mine the papers (an Alex+Alex project)
* random order on voting page
* maybe limit total votes per user
* abstracts short text / long text / instructions
* more WOW / mindblowing talks
* interactive talk formats / panels, e.g. ask core delvelopers anything you want
* pydata  / more specalized tracks Django/Plone
* cross check for inner-company votes (colleagues voting each other), probably ignore them for ranking.
* tracks for subcommunites
* stop calling '''sub'''comminities sub but '''specalized communities'''
* company field mandatory for users
* tracker chips (anonymous!!!)  for statistics of attendance  as open data project

Release of program: 
* tweet that paper was accepted (will generate re-tweets and give EP a lot of social media presence)
* have the link point to twitter cards (display content within twitter)
* release of accepted papers not at once but within 1-2 weeks (increase the excitement!)

* names bigger on badges (atendees' comment)
* limit tagline to ~100 chars so it prints in one line.

* rules for Lightning Talks (e.g. no recruting / company presenations, community events are ok)

* not accepted submission no longer show on the website
* remove speakers if not speaker (i.e. cancelled)

* photographer + video on site for media / In total the "Europython" expericence" should be presented in a better, more emotional way (we really can learn from the Olas)

Contribution badges (virtual)
* grant virtual badges for display on the EP user profiles website (maybe even 2-3 levels: helping hand, hard worker, helping hero)
* same for speakers/ trainers / basically everyone who contributes.
* collecting passion (see what people all  did for those Google badges)

* press to local IT media by local people ( i.e. Spanish in Spanish in Span, German in German in Germany,..) (increase attendees)


* Assign one ticket to the buyer during purchase.
* Improve talk proposal form.
* Tickets database must be at least clarified or improved.
* Add women 3XL and men 3XL and 4XL t-shirt sizes to the website.

Financial Aid
* Give more options to how to receive the money from financial aid.

* Ask finaid receivers to at least volunteer one shift
* Don't give money to volunteers.
* Only accept volunteers who can receive a ticket discount or a financial aid grant.

* should email the takers of the tickets when there is any change to the ticket
* should email the Support-WG every day with new tickets
* should not receive junk email from conference tickets purchases

* Ask for a minimum service contract with Euskalduna (or Euskaltel).

* Make names larger on badges.
* Create a bigger QR, maybe having two different sides of the badges.
* Use paper badges so we can print the on-site?
* Mail badges as in EP2014? If we are able to mail 500 badges we can shorten the queue a lot.

* T-Shirt queue should be split by size (and cut?) and T-shirts should be available to people to pick up.
* Open registrations on Sunday?

Social event
* Improve the quality of the social event. Maybe offering 2 different social events?
* Add details to help lonely people be more social:
    * Put a 'Self-Organizing Meetups' whiteboard at the exit of the venue.
    * Add a sign in some eating tables like: 'Socializing table: If you are here is because you want to meet new people'
    * Yoga classes after the conference
    * Create games for socializing people and offer sponsors the option to sponsor it.

Sponsors parcels
* We could use Bilbox to allow sponsors send deliveries during the whole month of July (in case BA is too small).
* For the last week they can use Euskalduna.
* For recollection they must use Euskalduna.
* Charge for sponsors parcels the same way PyCon US does.

* Poster session everyday (3 posters each day?).
* Open spaces the whole day (one or two rooms?).
* Reduce size of training rooms to 50 people rooms (maybe make 3 training tracks?).
* Move the less popular talks first to A2 room (if we use it).

Talk Rooms
* List the projectors resolutions for each room?
* Do a Beginner's Day on Sunday? This would be complicated if we have to set up on Sunday.
* We should have a 4G router available in every training room (not always ON).

* Hire daily cleaning for our tables (apart from the tablecloths).

* Maybe check if the venue can open the restaurant, in that case give 2 or 3 coupons per participant to use in the restaurant.
* Improve the food served in the catering areas.
* Improve the quality of food for vegetarians and offer gluten-free options.
* Tag the food (indicate what is in it).


* Assign one ticket to the buyer during purchase.
* Connect the website to the API for refunds and partial refunds. This only can be made for some period (Stripe 3 month and paypal 1 month) but if we put a note somewhere can be automatized.
* All the stuff we talked in the sprint meeting of ep2015, Patrick will be in charge of all the changes and improvements.
* Limit the abstract to X characters.

* Do not let speakers to ask refunds after the "Refund deadline" - If they want the discount they should ask for it before the conference, not after!

* Improve the email connection to be able to receive the tickets and answer them as email (if available)

* Open Space area outside in the hall, put a television with some chairs and a chromecast and let people talk there about what they want.


* Involve more people to the helpdesk for the quicker reply
* Divide all stream of question to the categories
* To avoid so many repeated question 
* Use the web page of the conference  putting there the info

Volunteering program
* Change the stimulus of being the volunteers, encourage in terms of not money but in the form of pins, stickers or special awards 
* Make all announcement no the web page of the conference, all  news that Marc publices on the EP blog put on the web page too

Conference stands
* It’d be nice to have special place for playing with kids, the area with the toys and games. Maybe we can try involve the Education Summit guys.
* Have the template with the limited fields for the tagline and affiliation and mandatory fields too.
* Change colors, the pink for organizers  and the red ones for attendees looked similar. 

Room signs
* Put more indicators and signs of the room, the half conference attendees asked about PythonAnywhere Room the first day of the conference.

* Having this information would facilitate the work with sponsors packages: 
name of the sponsor
- size, shape and number of package
- the contents of the package
- the date of departure and arrival
- delivery company's name 
- name of the person who sent the package

* For the lunch in the bags use ticket system as on the Pyntxos night.

Registration desk
* Put permanent laptops for the pearson the registration desk with the acces to the registration info and connected to the printer.
* Have a list of the advertisement and thing that need to be in the conference back
* Make posters with the city map and location indication  of the closest ATM, pharmacy, taxis, supermarket

Christian (maybe I'm too late added 20/08/2015)

* We need more people and a support policy
* Improve FAQs

Volunteering program
* No money, only student room, ticket and tshirt, we can think about the social event ticket

* Different foods
* better breakfast (juices !)
* better coffe break (juices !)

* Respect the speaker and the attendees, please wait outside if you are too late (this is an idea)

* Set a twitter policy (who's twitting for example ?, set some automate twitt before the talks)

Registration desk
* Registration is painful on the first day, maybe we can think about self-printed tickets or ticket machine at the conference

Europython and EPS
* More transparency

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