wiki:Improvements for organizing EuroPython 2017

Improvements for organizing EuroPython 2017

This page is intended to lists all our notes for improvements of the EuroPython organization.

The idea is:

Alexander Hendorf

  • user voting only: must see | want | maybe | don't care
  • user voting for all with ticket account
  • remove stars from sessions
  • send more emails / unsubscribe from newsletter(s)
  • sponsors: mention in emails
  • sponsors: digital swag bag (like @ dot.scale)
  • full talkative (schedule request to fix CSS)
  • cleanup / merging of accounts (maybe allow multiple email addresses)
  • only main speaker receives benefits
  • volunteer self sign up tool
  • re-integrate Django community better
  • Fix the User-Login System (duplicate accounts) REALLY
  • Budgeting keynotes and invited talks
  • plan at least 30 Minutes for Opening Announcements
  • Keynotes, no recruiting (as Disney video), better briefing/idea on keynotes
  • add the speaker chair briefing, rule if speaker is late/no shows
  • Django integrieren
  • Code of Conduct Team - present in person in opening session
  • Briefing on the talks, also add: call to mute phones, no leaving the room the whole time, make a checklist that everything is in place.
  • Interactive sessions, in bigger rooms: move people together
  • Talk Manager: video: no streaming / recording ready - max. 5 minutes
  • Opening: announce Twitter speaker list
  • Add session chair to LTs, write down talks
  • Write down sprints and publish list
  • Quiet room + talking room (if you in there you want to talk)
  • Speakers free ticket for 1 day or 25% all days
  • feedback form: how often did you attend EP in last 3 (or 5) years / instead of asking for the conferences
  • get Hootsuite for social
  • Code of Conduct & Community WG (-> more positive, CoC is not the police)
  • no table cloth, especially if not changed daily
  • speaker room / prep room
  • not gender neutral toilets but freedom of choice
  • talk to experts (general questions help desk)
  • daily closing before LTs (sponsors could present prices there)
  • indicate max chars for badges in website
  • session pages-post mortem: allow other formats (e.g. links) instead of file upload only

Marc-Andre Lemburg

  • add search by ticket ID to Django admin
  • add company name search to ticket search app
  • CoC FAQ:
    • add some notes about where we draw lines of what is considered appropriate and what not
    • add explanation of why we keep things private
    • next year: add categories of CoC cases to give people a better idea of what we had to deal with
  • get printers next year that allow printing directly from a USB stick
  • add user group for read-only access for use by the registration desk; find users, tickets, orders, orderitems, invoices --> Done: Registration Desk
  • Website
    • change "frozen" to "refunded" or "invalid"
    • don't generate tickets for unpaid orders
    • add "view" permissions to models, if possible
    • add a page which lists all sponsors, perhaps with more details, so that we can easily reference our sponsors using a link
  • allow all ticket owners of previous conference editions to participate in talk voting as well (since the talk voting does not increase ticket sales, the PR effect is more important)
  • send out emails for non-selected talks as well as for selected ones
  • use caps for volunteers instead of t-shirts
  • schedule breaks only for the main tracks to avoid overlaps in the event records and duplicate entries for the same break
  • add some fixes to the sponsor agreement (see changes); TM clause probably not a good idea - better stay under the radar; it may be worth adding an explicit permission to use the logo, though
  • run tweets every time a new sponsor signs up
  • Attendify improvement suggestions (these were already sent to Attendify):
    • add a way to register profiles using social auth (G+, FB, Twitter) instead of password/email
    • provide a way to link speaker list uploads to app profile (e.g. via the Twitter handle)
    • link talks to speakers via the speaker name
    • based on the above: add possibility to contact speakers directly via the app from the talk page
    • add possibility to upload speaker avatars using spreadsheet (e.g. by linking to the image)
    • make the web app available under https:// (this currently doesn't work)
    • add speaker name(s) to talks in schedule (and link the talk to the speakers)
    • the app sometimes switches automatically to a previous day (apparently without the user doing anything)
    • add a way to send silent announcements (ones that don't create the ping sound)
    • there appears to be an issue with schedule updates resetting the feedback votes/notes; this only happens for some talks
  • don't send app announcements during keynotes
  • Set soft deadlines for things like sending in sponsor ads or sponsor signups which we publish and also hard deadlines which we communicate internally, so that all team members know whether we can extend deadlines if needed and up to which point.
  • Setup a list of contacts for new locations. We recently received an email from the tourist board of Ireland to promote holding the conference in Ireland:
      Subject: [EuroPython-Board] Ireland is calling – Now is the time to consider Ireland for your future conference
      Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2016 13:01:09 +0000
      From: Laura Kelly - Connect16 <>
  • For next year, we should probably do some attendee analysis to see what the typical team sizes are and then adjust the team sponsor and sprint sponsor options.
  • Try to find a better way to explain the 2nd CFP for the conference. In 2016, the quality of the new entries was not that high. People seemed to be confused by the "hot topics" requirement and afraid their talks would not meet the criteria.
  • Document invited speakers handling: For *invited* speakers, I think we should give them a free ticket for the whole conference, just like we do for keynoters. The important difference here is that we are reaching out to them, rather than these speakers going through the regular talk voting.
  • Document speaker refund deadline. This should be about 4 weeks after the conference.

Alexandre Savio

  • Return boxes from sponsors must have a name from the sponsor in the "contact name", because there will be many boxes together for different delivery companies.
  • Double check if all ad pages are in the booklet.
  • Make the invoices in the local language and English.

Ricardo Manhães

  • Just a note: I used Asana a lot, helped me stay in sync with my team from afar. If possible, keep using it plz.

Darya Chyzhyk

  • Make the clear rules for donation, certificate for donation
  • Make automatic communication for finaid
  • Remind frequently to finaid
  • Helpdesk, change creating of the new tickets every time the attendee answer the already exist tickets
  • Involve people to the helpdesk
  • Reply on the on-line helpdesk during the conference
  • Contract the photographer
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