wiki:Improvements for organizing EuroPython 2018

Improvements for organizing EuroPython 2018

This page is intended to lists all our notes for improvements of the EuroPython organization.

The idea is:

  • to first have all notes in one place (see below; the deadline for notes submission is Nov 4 2016, 18:00 CET),
  • then to structure them in a second round (see GD doc) and
  • then use these notes as basis for the work in the WGs for EuroPython 2018.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

  • avoid having proxies in place for contacts to companies, venues, etc. as much as possible
  • replace the idea of having an on-site team having to submit proposals for EuroPython conferences with a concept of pro-actively approaching local groups and ask them for help in organizing the conference
  • drop the idea of having new logos every year and come up with a concept which works for many years, possibly allowing color changes or small iconic references to the location in a predefined area of the logo (e.g. the Eiffel tower for Paris, the Tower Bridge for London, etc.).

Alexander Hendorf

  • improve talk review by moving reviewer comments into the cms, add notes and labels like (new topic, diversity)
  • make leaderboard in talk review (internal use only) & autograft scheduler
  • integrate iPython notebook stuff in CMS
  • aks for gender in CfP (too much work doing this by manually by guessing)
  • link CFP to finAid (for better estimate of waiting list, finAid talks are more likely to be cancelled)
  • also rework finAid process for speakers from far away - we receive to many cancellations of selected talks
  • record availability for scheduling
  • budget: more budget for (more prominent) keynotes would improve quality and could sell more tickets
  • budget - save?: why are we live streaming videos and how much the additional cost for this?
  • budget - save?: beginners day not as extra day, cut conference by 1 day, maybe 6th track. Also saves budget of attendees (1-2 days of hotel)
  • limit early birds to two ticket per account, selling out too fast seemed not to be the best message looking at the sales development
  • set up a newsletter system independent from user accounts to increase reach
  • find a way to minimize cancellations due to budget constraints / false assumptions EP pays expenses without being harsh and unwelcoming
  • consider setting a date until when a speaker as to confirm to be present at the conference to avoid rescheduling & getting another speaker (incl. coupons, etc…) overhead
  • get a /make a more reliable help desk
  • add all price codes to the system so price changes don't affect coupon codes after raise
  • more automation, avoid media breaks, connect processes better in CMS (too much searching)
  • require speakers to have a ticket assigned 4 weeks before the conference.

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