wiki:Program WG/Adding keynote speaker talks to the system

Adding keynote speaker talks to the system


As preparation for this process to work, the CFP period has to be on-going, or you need to set the CFP end date to a date later then today, while making sure that the regular CFP page no longer shows the submission link.

The CFP end date can be adjusted in the conference entry.

Adding a talk submission

In order to add talk submissions for the keynoters, you have to (example for ep2017):

  1. go to user table:
  2. find the user account of the keynoter (you can search for it)
  3. click on "become this user"
  4. go to the above URL:
  5. enter dummy data for the speaker profile and talk
  6. submit the talk
  7. let the keynoter know about the speaker profile page to fix the dummy data:

and then log out again.

NOTE for period close to the CfP call: "In order to get this working, we'll have to "open" the CFP again by adjusting the end date and remove the submission button on the CFP page."

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