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EuroPython Sponsors Workgroup (Sponsors WG)

WG Scope

Manage and organize the sponsor activities of the conference, in particular: sponsor contacts, sponsor logistics, room/booth assignment, recruiting session, jobs fair, exhibit hall, startup row.

Please also see the Sponsors WG section in the Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines document for additional details.


Local resources in Rimini area:

Resources EP2016

Resources EP2015

Working Documents

Working Documents EP2016


Sponsor Brochure

For EuroPython 2017, we don't have the brochure done yet, but we already do have the feature table:

We are also working on the sponsor brochure text:

Previous years

Please always send the latest version to new sponsors. It is important that we keep track of which version they have been seeing.

Additional Sponsor Perks

There are a few sponsor perks which we have discussed in the WG, but which did not make it into the brochure (yet). The perks are available as additional option:

Room naming sponsorship options

The venue has rooms with the following sizes and sponsor naming costs:

  • ~100 seats: 4 rooms available, EUR 1000 each
  • ~200 seats: 1 rooms available, EUR 2000 each
  • ~300 seats: 2 rooms available, EUR 5000 each

The keynote room is reserved for the keystone sponsor.


Company decides to sponsor

  • This is the procedure to follow for companies which have decided to sponsor the event:
  • check in the sponsor contacts document (see above) if there is still slots available for the type of sponsorship they want (usually there is no problem with this),
  • tell the Sponsor WG about the lead, maybe we can negotiate a higher package,
  • ask them for a logo for the web site (low resolution) and another for the brochure (high-res) usually they give the high-res one and we reduce it for the website
  • next, send out the sponsor agreement (see below)

Sending out sponsor agreements (sponsors handled by the ACPySS; currently all sponsors)

Sending out sponsor agreements (sponsors handled by the EPS; currently none due to VAT issues)

This is the procedure for the international sponsors, which are to be invoiced by the EPS:

  1. Create a (private) copy of the Google Doc:
  2. Make any necessary edits, that is fill in the blanks where known, e.g. the package name and costs. Leave all the sponsor details blank - they will know best what to put in those fields, so it's not worth trying to research that information.
  3. Create a PDF.
  4. Put the PDF into the Sponsor WG Dropbox folder ( under the sponsor's name.
  5. Send the PDF to the sponsor to fill out and sign
  6. Log this on the Trello card for the sponsor
  7. Mark the new status in the sponsor spreadsheet, e.g. "agreement sent", "agreement signed"

Sending out sponsor agreements (Local Sponsors)


Checklist of services once sponsor agreement is signed

Each item only applies depending on the sponsorship package of the company: – send ticket coupon codes – ask for advertisement page – ask for recruiting advertisement text – ask on-site team for a lounge event - ask for booth location preference?

Launch Sponsors

The idea of "launch sponsors" was copied from PyCon US, where launch sponsors are sponsors which benefit from being listed as sponsor when the website launches. Since a website launch creates a lot of attention, launch sponsors receive an extra free benefit from being listed on the site before all other sponsors.

Only those sponsors who have confirmed their sponsorship and level (those from the "Agreed to sponsor" or "Sponsor agreement signed" Trello boards) are launch sponsors in the above sense.

In order for us to list the sponsors on the website for the launch, we need to make sure that we have the logos and links for all sponsors available prior to the launch.

To stay flexible, we should not list sponsors in sponsor level categories right from the start, but instead either put them side by side in roughly the envisioned level order (having the slider show the higher levels before the lower levels), or in alphabetical order, if there are only a few sponsors which fit on one or two slides.

Closer to the event, the sponsor levels could then be made visually obvious by e.g. placing them into categories.

Adding a sponsor to the website

This is the process for getting sponsors listed on the website. First log in to the website as with a Conference Admin or Sponsor Admin user account.

  1. go to
  2. select the sponsor (or add a new entry)
  3. under "Sponsor incomes" you should see a line of empty entry fields as last row
  4. fill in "ep2016" for Conference and a rough estimate of the sponsor amount as Income (the amount just gives an indication of the sponsor level)
  5. click save

The sponsor logos are managed in the Dropbox folder: Before uploading the logo to the website, it should be resized to 190x90 pixels. The script can take care of this.

(the above is for EuroPython 2016, for EuroPython 2017 you'd use "ep2017" and so on)

Important Aspects

These are some important aspects to be aware of related to the operations of this WG:

  • Since the members of the WG will be dealing with external sponsors, the communication, documents and agreements will most likely be confidential.
    As member, please make sure that you do not accidentally leak confidential information outside the WG.
  • Some sponsors will not sponsor the event in case certain competitors also sponsor the event.
    Special care has to be taken make sure that we find the right combination (optimizing the total sponsor revenue).


Voting members:

  • Fabio Pilger (Chair)
  • Alexandre Savio
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg
  • Borja Ayerdi Vilches
  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Ricardo Manhães Savii
  • Matteo Benci

Non-voting members:

  • Marco Santoni
  • Martha Manhães
  • Silvia Uberti
  • Jiří Nečas
  • Mario Thiel

Inactive members:

  • Raúl Cumplido
  • Vicky Twomey-Lee
  • Oier Echaniz Beneitez
  • Hansel Dunlop
  • José David Muñez
  • Miren Urteaga Aldalur


  • Established on 2014-12-22 by the EPS board.

Resources (EP2016)

Resources (EP2015)

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