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EuroPython Support Workgroup (Support WG)

WG Scope

Manage and organize the attendee/speaker support of the conference, in particular: online helpdesk, conference helpdesk, attendee support contact, visa help, travel management, chat support for attendees, on-site volunteer organization.

Please also see the Support WG section in the Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines document for additional details.


  • Support WG Mailing List - EMail address: support-wg@…
  • Support WG Telegram Group - @europython-support; please ask on the ML for the invite link
  • The helpdesk@… generic helpdesk address also points to the Support WG mailing list.
  • On-site volunteer Telegram group: @europython-volunteers
    admins: Fabio Pliger, Christian Barra, Marc-Andre Lemburg
    invite link (this may change occasionally):

Helpdesk System

We have installed a helpdesk system based on django-helpdesk for the conference.

The system uses a "queue" called e.g. "EuroPython 2017 Helpdesk", which is connected to the helpdesk@… email address. All incoming email to that address will be directed to the helpdesk system.

Conference Desk

Volunteer Management


Information about Bilbao


Note: No chair has yet been assigned. The WG should determine one and then propose the chair to the EPS board.

Voting members:

  • Gilberto Gonçalves (Chair)
  • Alexandre Savio
  • Darya Chyzhyk
  • Christian Barra
  • Oier Beneitez
  • Alexander Hendorf

Non-voting members:

  • Ernesto Arbitrio
  • Aidis Stukas
  • Mario Thiel
  • Martha Manhães

Inactive members:

  • Alejandro Villamarin
  • Anna Bednarska
  • Aisha Bello
  • Stéphane Wirtel
  • Raúl Cumplido
  • Anthon van der Neut
  • Ion Marqués
  • Fabian Kreutz
  • Aneta Włodarczyk
  • Eyad Toma
  • Stavros Anastasiadis


  • Established on 2015-01-26 by the EPS board.
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