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EuroPython Web Workgroup (Web WG)

WG Scope

Manage and organize the web site, in particular: web site support, ticket system, administration, backups, payment system integration, hosting, chat support for attendees.

Please also see the Web WG section in the Workgroup Concept and Workgroup Guidelines document for additional details.



We currently use Docker containers for running the server.

Please note: The mode of operation is more like that of VMs than the usual create-break-recreate approach used for containers in larger installations. We normally try not to recreate containers unless necessary to e.g. update the OS.



User Groups

The website has the following user groups set up. Ideally, not everyone should be in the Conference Admin group, which allows access to everything, so we've added a couple of groups which are tailored to specific needs:

  • CMS Editor - allows editing the website
  • Conference Admin - access to everything
  • Program Editor - allows editing the talks, talk voting data and schedule
  • Sponsor Admin - allows editing the sponsor data


Django Helpdesk App

We're using this to run the helpdesk for EuroPython.

Mattermost Installation

We're evaluating Mattermost as Slack alternative, since we did not get a non-profit account from Slack.

Hetzner Setup

The server we're using is hosted with Hetzner, a German hosting company.

  • Client number: K0113468415
  • Hetzner Robot account UI
  • We used to be billed every month on the 27th, but this was changed to be charged 3 months in advance, to lower the billing overhead on our side.
  • Invoices have to be paid using Paypal or by sending EUR to our pre-paid account at Hetzner:
    IBAN: DE92760700120750007700
    Reference: Please enter your invoice or client number as a reference to your bank transfer.


Note: No chair has yet been assigned. The WG should determine one and then propose the chair to the EPS board.

Voting members:

  • Patrick Arminio (Chair)
  • Alexandre Savio
  • Oier Echaniz Beneitez
  • Marc-Andre Lemburg

Non-voting members:

  • Christian Barra
  • Stéphane Wirtel
  • Artur Czepiel

Inactive Members:

  • Eyad Toma
  • Cesar Desales
  • Raúl Cumplido
  • Adam Byrtek
  • Fabio Pliger
  • Dougal Matthews
  • Manuel Miranda
  • Paweł Jaworowski
  • Fabian Kreutz
  • Ricardo Manhães Savii
  • Valerio Maggio
  • Gilberto Gonçalves


  • Established on 2014-12-22 by the EPS board.
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