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EuroPython Workgroup Guidelines

In order to coordinate the work of the workgroups and make sure that everyone knows about how EuroPython conferences work, we have put together a document outlining a set of guidelines for the workgroups to use in their work.

The purpose of these guidelines is to make sure the institutional knowledge, gained over the many years EuroPython conferences have been run, is persisted from year to year and everyone knows about important aspects of the conference organization.

Guidelines for 2015 and later

The current version of the guidelines is available as Google Document:

Please note that the above document is still a work document and not finalized. The link should only be shared among the EuroPython organizers for the time being. We may publish these for the general public at some point.

If you want to edit the document, please request access. The link allows viewing and commenting without login.

If you intend to make changes, please talk to the Administration WG to see whether we may need to create a new copy for the current or the next edition of the conference.

Guideline Change Process

The guideline change process is coordinated by the EPS board.

After each conference year, we will revisit the guidelines and update them as necessary to add new knowledge, e.g. about ideas that have worked out, ones that haven't worked out, etc.

We will collect input from the workgroup members, the EPS members and also use the EuroPython attendee feedback for refining the guidelines.

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